Is this someone I can work with?  This is a very important question we encourage all of our clients to ask themselves not only of their architect and project manager but also of their contractor.  Whether you are doing a small renovation project, such as a bathroom or kitchen remodel, or building a completely new structure from the ground up, the design and communication process requires an effective chemistry between all parties.


The initial consultation is a complimentary service conducted either on site or in our office.  This is when we not only listen to our client’s goals for their project but also gauge how effectively we can communicate and work together over the coming weeks or months.


At Bernard Austin Design, we believe a good communicator is a great listener.



What can I expect? (How do we begin?)  Most often the schematic design process begins with representative images clients have collected that convey in one way or another their vision of the finished product.  Our job at BA Designs is to work collaboratively with the client’s initial vision, along with any requirements they have, and through a series of sequential sketches and meetings create a well developed set of coordinated plans and elevations to be used for bidding, permitting and construction.



How long is my architect involved with the project?  Our role does not end once plans are complete and a permit is issued. Whether a remodel or a new home, we are involved in the construction process acting as the owner’s agent to ensure the design is executed to the owner’s level of expectation.  We recognize the importance of team work and share in the responsibility of answering questions and addressing concerns to keep the project on schedule and on budget.